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Based in the Nexus Innovation Centre at the University of Limerick, Conceptworx is a software and technology company developing innovative solutions for real-world problems.

We’ve brought together our expertise in web based systems with subject matter experts to focus on digital publishing and online retail. Based on years of frustration of seeing wonderful products in magazines and rarely being able to buy any of them, we resolved to provide a platform that would enable readers to do just that; buy the products they wanted from the magazines they were reading.

Using our expertise, we’ve built FolioFourOne, a combined digital publication and e-commerce platform. Why should a reader have to visit and register on an external e-commerce website when they can buy the products they want straight from the pages of a digital magazine.

FolioFourOne, with In-Magazine Retailing. See it. Want it. Buy it.

Using In-Magazine Retailing as a basis, we’re creating “In-Retailing”, a plug-in that retailers can add to any website, WordPress site, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, etc. Consumers will be able to buy products from these websites with just a few clicks, boosting revenue for retailers.

In-Retailing. Bringing the store directly to your customers.

Products & Services

What we do


Our combined digital magazine and e-commerce platform.

We’ve built FolioFourOne from the ground up to boost revenue generation for both publishers and retailers. It enables publishers to partner with retailers and sell products directly from the pages of an online magazine.

It turns advertisements and product editorials in a digital magazine into an e-commerce storefront.

We call it “In-Magazine Retailing”. Your customers will call it amazing.

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Our e-commerce platform that enables you to sell your products anywhere on the web.

With the success of In-Magazine Retailing, customers began asking if we could extend it beyond digital magazines.

So we did.

In-Retailing brings that “See it. Want it. Buy it.” formula to the web at large, enabling products to be sold directly from web pages, WordPress sites, Facebook, Twitter, etc.

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The Team

The main folks involved

Michael Byrne

The Boss

Michael has nearly 20 years experience in software development, team management and lean-start-up methodology.

These days, he’s the driving force behind Conceptworx and spends a lot of time on airplanes (although he doesn’t like to fly) helping companies maximise lean methodologies.

He also drinks more coffee than is probably healthy.

And lots more…

The Others

Based in the Nexus Innovation Centre at the University of Limerick, we regularly deal with companies, faculties and individuals with expertise in the following areas:

  • concept design
  • software development
  • sales
  • marketing
  • social media
  • strategic operations

Having this large pool of exceptionally talented people on our doorstep has turned out to be invaluable and we often bring some of these individuals on-board to realise our own projects. This has resulted in our staff numbers occasionally tripling in size for specific periods of time. Conceptworx uses flexible processes to allow for such growth and a “buddy” system to help the “newbies” adjust.

The process can be tough going on HR, but to be honest, we sort of like it!

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