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Investments, offices and logos. Oh my!

Hmm, it’s been a while. A lot has happened. A lot!

First off, we re-launched FolioFourOne in October of 2013, with a new main site and a new store. We’ve signed on a number of large Irish publishers and substantially increased our revenue.

Also at the end of 2013, Enterprise Ireland made an investment in the company. This was huge for us. It meant we could take some time to focus on a new aspect of our product offering that our customers have been asking for; namely to go beyond digital replicas. What we’ve really discovered over the last number of months is that publishers hate them. They see replicas as a necessary evil. While we offer publishers something more through In-Magazine Retailing, it’s still not enough. We’re working on the next phase. And for some publishers, we just can’t get there fast enough.

We’ve recently opened a sales office in Dublin, just off Baggot Street. Our Director of Sales will be based there along with our Marketing Associate (as soon as we find someone suitable!).

The Development Group is still based in the Nexus Innovation Centre at the University of Limerick, which makes sense given the resources on our doorstep here.

Finally, we revamped our logo. It was receiving a lot of negative feedback for one reason or another and we wanted to update it. I’m a big fan of 99 Designs and so I added the project there. Within a week, we had 65 designers submit almost 450 designs. A phenomenal number. Of course we had to review them all and provide feedback. There was a lot of internal discussion before the final design was chosen. The new design is fresh, simple and very elegant. Of course, now we need to update all the business cards, headed paper, social media logos, etc. , but there you go.

We’re also looking at a new e-commerce platform that will tie directly into, not only FolioFourOne, but other publishing platforms, blogs, social media sites, advertisements, etc. There’ll be more on this in the coming months. We’re very excited about it here. I’ll even admit to getting some goose bumps during the initial discussions about it.

So the future has an extremely positive outlook for us. I hope you’ll join us along the way.

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