Monthly Archives: May 2013

FolioFourOne goes blue.


So, FolioFourOne has gone blue. The logo colour that is. For various reasons, we went ahead and changed from the orange to a deep blue. It now matches with the theme that we use with our framework (from the last blog post. Remember?!). We also decided to add in another page into the icon. Originally the icon had three pages, one for each word in FolioFourOne. But every time we did a presentation, people would ask why there were only three pages and not four (as in FolioFourOne). So we’d have to explain about the relationship to the name. It was something minor, but actually started an interesting discussion in the office. We were changing the colour anyway, so why not change the page count. A quick chat with our graphic designer and BOOM! four pages in blue. We’re really happy with the result. The hard part, of course, is updating the websites, social media accounts and presentations. But at least we won’t have to explain about why there are only three pages in the icon.

FolioFourOne gets a major upgrade

Hmm. I’m not blogging enough, so time for a blog about our new product release.

FolioFourOne got a major upgrade this week. We’re constantly seeking new ways to improve the web-app so that it’s easier to use across any device. As a result, we’ve been looking at a number of frameworks that work across both the desktop and mobile devices. It came down to Sencha Touch and jQueryMobile.

Aaaannnndddd the winner is…. jQueryMobile.

A lot of software developers hate on jQuery and its various additions such as jQueryUI and jQueryMobile. But we’re big fans of it here. jQuery, and jQueryMobile specifically, provides simple solutions to various web based issues. Why spend time coding for an overlay and popup dialog when you can simply copy and paste a couple of lines from the jQuery demo page and you’re done? And before anyone complains about the size of the files needed for jQueryMobile, they’re actually quite small. Especially when you’re dealing with digital magazines which can be a couple of hundred times larger than a few minified text files. Just saying.

We’ve also greatly improved how FolioFourOne embeds into another website. One thing that publishers keep telling us is that they want to keep their readers on their website, which isn’t possible if that reader goes off to an app. FolioFourOne helps publishers keep their readers on their website using their products. Apps may be nice, but customer retention is better.

Stay tuned for more improvements in the coming weeks.

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